Three Bandcamp Recommendations

This one time, at Bandcamp, we all found some killer tracks!

I recently received a royalty statement for the only track I've released on an official compilation.

Besides being shocked that I hadn't sold millions, one thing drew my attention. Streaming revenue: less than 8DKK for over 1.000 streams.

That's one euro. A dollar and a half. For a thousand streams. 1.000 - that's three months of listening to the same track 10 times a day.

I could write a long post discussing whether streaming is a viable solution, where the money goes, how it's all corrupt and all that. But that's not what I'm going to do. At least not today.

See, my basic conclusion was: Either we try to change deals or we try to inform the public that paying for music is (currently) the only way musicians are going to get paid.

There are already numerous ways to do this. One of them is called Bandcamp. It's an magical place, where talented musicians upload their sounds for your enjoyment, get to sell their music and (are you ready) actually receive like 95% of what you pay. And don't be fooled by the name. This isn't a site for crappy demos and teenage cover bands. Everyone from major label artists to people who just don't see the point in giving a label and iTunes over 50% to upload their music is there.

So ... instead of whining about how one business model exploits us, I want to tell you about another business model. One that empowers us! And as a side not, provides you with quality fairtrade music.

Here are three recommendations:



Are you a post-post modern idiot who loves everything new and everything retro? Are you desperately holding on to your youth? To a time where you knew what was cool, or just didn't care?

Then MOTH is for you. It's old, it's new, it's eternal. Like vampires!

If you're a fan of The Cure, depression, drum machines, fog, reverb, post punk, new wave and song titles like "Frozen Tears", this is your thing.

Straight outta Copenhagen. This is so new, you can't even buy it yet. But you should. In the future!

Favorite track: Frozen Tears

Visit their Bandcamp page here


Remember GURU's (R.I.P.) Jazzmatazz? The first album was pretty cool. They were actually all pretty decent, but IMO really not that jazzy.

Romo, on the other hand, is. He samples jazz for a nice hiphop fusion done the right way. Like Nujabes.

Not too corny or loungy or boring. Just nice and sweet and chill.

Favorite track: Ame no akogare

Check his Bandcamp page here


One of those irritatingly talented producers. ELOQ is a young guy from Copenhagen and Stockholm. He makes beats and he's good at it.

For this particular digital release, he's decided to give away a collection of un-used beats and remixes. But don't be fooled, this is quality stuff. Sort of like back in the day when b-sides were often better than the single.

ELOQ's style is eclectic. As a whole, I'd call his music boogie-down-crunk-partystyle-funk. But track for track, I hear dubstep, 80's synthesizers, hip hop, fun eastern instruments, some fidgety house, broken beats hiphop and a million other things.

Just really nice music.

Favorite track: Bass Ting

Get the album here and

check out ELOQ's Bandcamp page here.


So remember kids, artists need to eat too. Pirating isn't like stealing a car. It is, though, like going to a music store and saying "I'll have these CD's please ... at cost! I insist you don't earn commission for selling me these items!" Something like that. Be nice. Buy music from the people that put time, money and love into it.

With that, I'll leave you with a link to my own Bandcamp page: