Rave new world!

I downloaded iMashine about an hour ago. I'm really stoked!

See i'm the kind of guy, who constantly has music in his head. Either some track I just heard or something I'm composing randomly in my mind.

It might be a great ideafor a new track, it might just be a fun groove or 303 jam. But I'm pretty much always tapping my feet or rocking my head with something in my mind.

In an attempt to remember some of those ideas, I've had some really crappy attempts at home made electronic music notation.

Enter iMaschine. A comprehensive electronic music production studio on you i-device. Or as it calls itself: The groove scetchpad.

At the basic level, iMaschine consists of four tracks. Each can be filled by one of three devices: A drum module with 16 pads, a keyboard module and a recording module.

Theres a mixer section for these four tracks, containing on/off, volume and two fx sends, routing to standard effects (chorus, lofi, delay, flanger, LP filter, BP filter and HP filter).

The drum sounds and synths can be mixed individually along parameters pitch, gain, pan, one shot and choke. There are some great sound banks, and you can sample your own sounds as well.

So you basically have everything you need to get your ideas down or just play around and have fun. In a package so intuitive, I litterally had three beats down, just three half-hour sessions after downloading it.

Hear for yourself:

iMaschine - 3 tests by liquidodk

My only wish for an upgrade would be the ability to export your project's MIDI, so you could continue your work in your DAW of choice. Let's hope.

OK, no need to say much more. You could actually have learned all this by yourself in the time you spent reading. At the price of a beer, I'd say just buy it.

Oh yeah, there's this video too. Good fun.


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iMASCHINE is a professional instrument designed for beat producers of all levels - you don’t need to have experience with MASCHINE to create spontaneous beats. With its intuitive threshold-based pad sampling, note repeat, auto-loop length feature, on-board mixer with six handy effects and the unique audio recording function, iMASCHINE makes it easy to instantly create grooves whenever the mood hits.
Use the included drum kits and melodic sounds, all in professional WAV-format, or expand your library with the iMASCHINE EXPANSIONS - available directly from your device via the in-app store.